Light/Heavy rail call to ACTION!

16 Apr 2015 2:48 PMGSGC Chamber Administrator
Light/Heavy rail call to ACTION!

Our last breakfast highlighted that the links between heavy rail, light rail and the Airport were important to our Chamber.

There have been petitions before which were issued to the previous State Government. In order to ensure that there is some action before the Commonwealth Games and based on the time it would take to actually build the next stage of the light rail, NOW is the time to lobby again for the changes needed to the New State Government.

A new petition on has been started calling for current & future residents, businesses, visitors and supporters of the Gold Coast to unite in pleading with all levels of Government to deliver a collaborative solution for the extension to our Light Rail network.  

It doesn’t matter if you have supported previous petitions, please sign again and share again, because we need an urgent commitment from the Government.  Last time there were over 10,000 signatures, Let’s reach 50,000 signatures – 10% of the Gold Coast population by June 30th.

Here is the petition link:

Cheers! In the meantime get signing!