Election 2016 Candidates - Division 13



Kurt Foessel

As an active energetic and involved member of the community from kindergartens and schools to the Chamber of Commerce I believe I can deliver for our local business community. In speaking with many of the businesses I see there are issues ranging from parking to planning. My three main focuses for the Division are Safer, cleaner and stronger.  Making our community stronger involves the development of community events to highlight and enhance the great range of businesses we have operating in Division 13. I recently spoke to a group of shop owners who stated that there had been a turnover of residents and they are experiencing comments such as ‘we didn’t know you were here’. I believe that as a Councillor I have a responsibility to the residents and local businesses and will assist in enhancing this.  I have also observed with much interest the significant amount of community events occurring in the neighbouring division and the subsequent economic benefits associated. Developing small business makes our community stronger.

I propose to work with the business community to deliver HUB events (Helping Your Business) designed to focus attention on the local shopping areas whether it be the Reedy Creek Village, Pines Shopping Centre, the CBD or 23rd Avenue shops and highlighting to the local community what goods and services are available to them locally. I believe this could be done in partnership with the local businesses and provide a small carnival type atmosphere. The partnership arrangement would reduce any burden on the ratepayers and is very beneficial for the whole community. Local accountancy and book keeping firms may want to become sponsors. 

I will work with our school and business community to see some of our community facilities are utilised and I would like to see the development of community activities in them.  For example, the Rotary Club Band shell on Sarawak Avenue could be used to host a cultural event occurring in this area for example a violin concert or an orchestral performance from the local High School, possibly as a fundraiser. This would be a great atmosphere on a Friday evening and patrons would be encouraged to bring a camp chair and a meal to enjoy.  This would also allow businesses to partner and increase their exposure to local customers, making our community stronger.

I have been in conversation with a number of sporting groups with a view to introducing some exciting unique sporting events in our community. Events such as this have the capacity to bring many visitors into our area who will frequent our local businesses, restaurants and cafes. I would also work with the individual communities with a view to developing their own unique sporting and cultural events.  Whether it be downhill longboard skating or fixed wheel cycle races in a café precinct I hope to deliver a variety of events to benefit local business and revitalise the community.


Katrina Beikoff

This Council election on March 19 is about our area moving ahead.

As an award-winning journalist with experience investigating all levels of government, speaking out against unfairness and sticking up for community concerns, I have the experience, skills and capacity to dedicate myself to the job now and as we move forward.

As your Division 13 Councillor I will:

  • TACKLE our traffic congestion
  • REVITALISE the Palm Beach business area
  • DELIVER safer and better bikeways and crossings
  • KEEP our beaches clean, paying particular attention to our dog beach
  • WORK to keep our community safe

Traffic Congestion

Like you, I'm frustrated with traffic jams and bottlenecks accessing the M1 at Palm Beach and Elanora, as well as the traffic debacle every morning and afternoon at Reedy Creek.

I will take on traffic congestion by:

  • Fighting to make our area a city priority. We are a congestion hot spot, yet we are not a city priority. I will work with all levels of government for road and public transport solutions.
  • Improving buses and shuttles, like in other parts of the city, to ease peak time traffic jams.
  • Delivering better and safer bike paths and crossings to make it safer to opt for riding or walking.

My plan means lifting our traffic congestion up the city's fix list.

It means fighting for better public transport including rail connection through to the Gold Coast airport.

It means better bus options, where and when we need them.

I support continuing the Free Seniors Bus Travel Initiative.

It means making our area bike friendly with better and safer bikeways and pedestrian crossings.

Revitalise Palm Beach

Invigorating Palm Beach requires more than beautification.

I will work with local businesses to move our area ahead by supporting local business opportunities, working for parking solutions that mean more spaces not more money in parking meters, creating local jobs, and working to deliver on our unique potential.

It will be a hub for locals and visitors and support local events, including my push for Palm Beach to host a live site during the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Keeping our community safe

As locals, we must all be able to enjoy our great area safely. 

My plan includes addressing hooning and speeding on our residential streets. 

It means supporting programs for our youth and providing positive opportunities for young people.

It means better lighting to keep streets safer.

It means close links with police to prevent antisocial behaviour, and ensure rapid responses to crime.

Beaches and Parks

Our beaches are spectacular and must be clean for everyone to use.

I will clean up our dog beach.

I will ensure communities on both sides of the motorway have well-maintained parks with shade, fencing and play equipment.

My plan includes drawing events to our premier spaces such as the Pirate Park, refreshing draw-card parks like Laguna Park, providing more shade and upgrades to parks in areas like Reedy Creek.

See more on My Story and My Plan at katrinabeikoffdiv13.com.au.


Daphne McDonald

25 years of experience is how

Daphne McDonald gets things done!

The Gold Coast Bulletin said on 21 Feb 2016, ‘Division13 is one of the most popular areas on the Gold Coast. It has become a most sought after area to live, work, play and INVEST. Property values have increased 12.1% in the last year alone.’

There is no denying business and commerce opportunities are flourishing with a steady influx of innovative enterprises seeking out Division 13 as the place to prosper. This is no coincidence; this outcome has been 25 years in the making; 25 years of consistent planning, infrastructure building, streetscaping and building a village atmosphere.

Residents and visitors flock to our open spaces, parks, playgrounds, first class sporting facilities and waterways everyday of the week.  We have created an extremely inviting community and community spirit where people want to live and work.

We are the envy of many; however this lifestyle did not just happen overnight by accident. These outcomes are the evolution of 25 years as your Councillor. How have I achieved so much? Hard work and long hours willingly listening to the needs, aspirations and concepts, of individuals, groups, clubs, businesses, entrepreneurs, developers, town planners, my peers and the schools. It would be difficult to find one project or facility or improvement that I have not been involved with, in some way.

Division 13 can boast many firsts. Our youth programs alone have been adopted far and wide. Our playground that welcomes ‘all abilities’ children means no one is left behind. In our community everyone is important and everyone prospers. That is good business. That is sustainable business. That is security for investment.

Our natural assets have been under threat from profiteers frequently. Undeniably I welcome change, I encourage improvements and developments provided they respect what we have and enrich our community. Often it has meant putting up a strong argument, a relentless fight to preserve then protect and maintain these assets. Assets the whole community, business and residents, are benefiting from.

Of course there are limits to what a Council and Councillors can achieve. At times grand vision requires working with other Councillors as a team and building bridges with State and Federal MPs.  Working together in this way has achieved many millions in funding for organisations to improve their facilities. It is with pride I report I have enjoyed 25 years of great support to achieve the many great outcomes Division 13 currently enjoys and continues to build on.

Only a truly independent Councillor who puts the best interests of the whole community first achieves the best outcomes. Since being in office I have never accepted funding from anywhere. My relationship with my community is built on honesty, loyalty, integrity and hard work. Your trust is something I am very proud of and grateful for.

I look forward to continuing my work representing your interests and vision for your future!

My track record is there for all to see on my website  ‘daphnemcdonald.com’.


Keith Maitland

Tell the people from Creek to Creek and the local business community who Keith Maitland is?

When most people look at my career and work life they see a reasonably successful man who has gone from strength to strength and has worked with such influential people as Trevor Hendy (6X’s Australian Ironman Champion), Duncan Armstrong (Olympic Gold Medallist) and even Tony Robbins (World renowned Motivational Speaker). I was also the first Chiropractor appointed to the Australian Swimming Team.

My life hasn't been easy. Struggling to read and write I was diagnosed with learning difficulties, failed high school and went on to become...  unemployed.

Being determined to do something with my life I followed my brother into university and got a degree in Industrial Chemistry.  However it didn't take long for me to realise that wasn't for me, I went straight back into uni and spent another 5 years becoming a Chiropractor.

That wasn't enough and I became the first Australian trained Chiropractor to attain my particular specialist qualifications in 1987 with an International board.  I was the only person in a field of 18 Americans to pass that theoretical exam in the USA.

That was the year I decided to flex my entrepreneurial muscles and started my own practice from scratch in Palm Beach and created one of the largest holistic health centres in Australia.  This centre still stands today on the corner of 14th Ave and the Gold Coast Hwy.

Having experienced the highs and lows of business I continue to work from my practice.  I'm also a life coach and a published author.

Tell us why you are running for council?

I see being a councillor as an extension of what I'm already doing in the community. 

For over 30 years I've enjoyed serving my community in various organisations because I genuinely want to make my world a better place.

I believe in that time I have learnt the secret to getting a team of people focused on a goal and achieving it. I would like to bring this learning to council and work to achieve great things together.

What can the business community of Division 13 expect from you if you become their councillor

  1. They can expect that I will be a servant of the people of my division, including businesses.
  2. I’m a great support person to anyone with a good idea.  I want the people in the business community to come to me with ideas, I’ll be their advocate. 
  3. I’ll work with all levels of government to widen the M1 all the way to Tugun to relieve congestion on our roads. Making it easier for people to travel to our area and get to local businesses.
  4. I’ll be a great supporter to the fight to stop the Boral Quarry.
  5. I’ll lobby the Federal Government to have Centrelink relocated from Palm Beach, it's not the image we want to promote.

I’ve attached a link so you can see what I’m about.


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