Election 2016 Candidates - Division 14



Ric Wade

Hi I am Ric WADE and I am running for the second time in Division 14.

I have lived in Currumbin Valley for over 7 years with my wife of almost 30 years and 4 children.

I’ve been in a variety of small businesses for most of my life these being transport, child care, hospitality and during this time I have also served in the Qld Police Service at Southport Qld. I currently operate two businesses, a wedding reception venue at Currumbin Valley Amore Gardens) and a cafe at Kirra (Cafe Seventy8, feel free to call in and have a great coffee and a chat any time from 7.30am daily).

I ran last time due to my belief that the GCCC in financial waste and incompetence and I am running this time on same issue as little as been resolved.

I am the candidate with a difference, we have a 1.3 billion dollar budget yet only less than 1% filters through for divisional funds. Too much of our money is over spent or misused (new computer system gone from 85 million dollars to 200 million dollars is a classic example).

I believe we get greater control and governance from our councillors on our 1.3 billion dollar budget more will flow back to the community. If we make a little over 1% savings on the waste and misuse  on our 1.3 billion  it will return 1million per division for spending on better roads, community and sporting organisations, infrastructure and events.

I oppose the ocean walkway for the following reasons

1) There is  culture of waste and over spending within our council and councillors that simply has to be addressed and takes priority over other issues.

2) Its unfunded, none of the candidates who support it have not mentioned anything about its funding, are they cutting some other project, borrowing the money, cutting services or raising rates?

3) Its uncosted the document being supported is about 5 years old and those costings are no longer valid, how much are we going to spend on it  5 million 10 million?

4) How is it to be maintained are those maintenance costs coming out of our already strained divisional funds?

5) The legal liability issues over the retaining wall needs clarity, is compensation an issue and the area where the A line and private land narrows is the proposal to forcibly resume land or traverse the A line into the dunes?  There is literally millions of dollars tied up in these points.

I oppose the Currumbin mosque as its will adversely affect the businesses in the area,  industry 1 and 2 land is in short supply in division 14 and is too valuable to lose, It is an inappropriate development for that location.

This is a brief coverage of the main issues I am campaigning on if you would like to ask me anything email me at voteforricwade@gmail.com.

Thank you,



Lee Boggiss

Did not respond.


Natalie Wain

Community First

A local born Palm Beach girl, who has lived and loved our Gold Coast over the last 50 years, Natalie would make an excellent community representative for the Southern Gold Coast in Council.

Natalie is a small business owner, who has lived in the Southern Gold Coast for the past 17 years with her husband Ashley and her family.

With over 30 years of financial experience in varying roles, Natalie now runs her own Bookkeeping business which services many different local Gold Coast businesses and has provided Natalie a great insight and understanding as to what makes businesses on the Gold Coast successful, whether they are local tradies, cafes, hairdressers, retail shops or large building firms.

Natalie’s main strength though, lies in her strong leadership skills, which have been on display to the community through her management of some of the Gold Coast’s largest and most volatile campaigns, all while successfully running her own business and homeschooling her son.

Natalie is down to earth and understands how increased cost of living pressures affect everyday people and will always work to ensure that your rates are affordable and provide you with real value for money.

Her endless passion to see the Gold Coast remain vibrant and our lifestyle protected means Natalie will be a strong advocate for you, and will make the right decisions in Council for the Southern Gold Coast community.

Tugun to Bilinga Oceanway

The Tugun to Bilinga Oceanway is the missing link of the southern Gold Coast’s award winning Oceanway. 2015 saw Natalie join forces with the Friends of Currumbin to lead a petition to see this section of the Oceanway put back on the Agenda for construction.

The overwhelming public support for this project saw a staggering 8,888 signatures gathered over 6 months.

Natalie handed this petition into the CEO of the City of Gold Coast in November 2015 after calling a Town Meeting at Tugun where the residents and community turned out in the hundreds.

The T2B Oceanway will be one of Natalie’s priorities and will give the Southern Gold Coast a continuous Oceanway from the border to Currumbin Creek when completed.

Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve

Protecting our beaches and surf breaks is a must for Natalie, who grew up surfing along the famous Gold Coast stretch.

Last year, Natalie helped the GCWSR Committee and Chairman Andrew McKinnon to successfully see our southern beaches from Burleigh to Snapper Rocks be declared the 8th World Surfing Reserve.

Natalie lent her skills to the team, designing and updating the website and was always on hand to help with any of the community events and advice.

Investigating further surf breaks and working with key stakeholders to ensure overcrowding is handled better in the future will be a key objective for Natalie.

For more information please go to www.nataliewain.com


Shawna Trebble

I am in love with the Gold Coast and our Southern community of Division 14, and decided that I would like to serve our community further by being our councillor. I have the education, experience and dedication to do an excellent job.

I have a BSc in agricultural economics and was an economist in strategic planning before being promoted to marketing.  I have a Master’s degree in Communications with a major in Domestic Violence prevention. I was Communications Manager for one of the top agricultural firms in Canada. I was responsible for all communications, advertising   and a budget of several million dollars. For the last two decades whilst I raised my three children, I was an entrepreneur being self-employed and running my own small business in real estate. I have a good grasp of law, subdivision, strata, architectural development and planning approval processes – all skills which will be really useful in evaluating projects. I have useful international experiences; I have run businesses both in Canada and here. My advanced degrees and training have helped me to go through data fast, understand complex problems and come up with good solutions quickly. I have lived on acreage for over two decades, I’m familiar with horses, land management, and environmental conservation which are important in serving the needs of our district because it encompasses Currumbin and Tallebudgera Valleys.

What I am committed to do for our YOU and OUR community.

  1. Getting pathways along our beachfronts and good bike paths throughout our city so we can easily and safely go from one area to another.
  2. I’ll work to reduce traffic congestion particularly along the M1, Gold Coast highway and at busy beach spots like Coolangatta.
  3. I’ll work hard to keep our taxes and rate increases to a minimum so everyone benefits.
  4. I‘ll continue to pursue the light rail transport extension to the airport prior to the games.
  5. I’ll get upgrades for the deteriorating pathways and roads in our area.
  6. I‘ll help ensure the M1 upgrade from Nerang to the border happens before the games.
  7. I will help ensure the airport instrument landing system is the latest technology.
  8. Work with police to do community safety programs, like Neighbourhood watch, and work with them to help reduce crime and domestic violence.
  9. I am not in favour of the Boral pit operating so near residential areas so will fight against it
  10. I am not in favour of large scale high rise developments in our area so will ensure that all development applications are treated in the same manner and all approvals remain consistent with the density regulations council has approved for our area.

I am a woman of integrity and believe in open communication and working closely with community members.  My campaign is entirely self-funded and I am completely independent of developers and community groups, so I can objectively serve ALL of our community and listen without bias.

Vote SHAWNA TREBBLE for Division 14!!  Thanks!


Gail O'Neill

I am a truly independent candidate, and for more than a decade, have been committed to ensuring the Southern Gold Coast has a strong voice with all levels of Government.

Over the past 30 years, I raised my family on the Southern Gold Coast and managed Beach House Seaside Resort and Shopping Plaza in Coolangatta for the past 15 years. My dual role has given me vast knowledge and experience in both the commercial and tourism aspects of the business, both of which are important components of the lifestyle and fabric of the Southern Gold Coast. For many years, I have played an active, voluntary role in many community organisations, as President of the Southern Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce (6yrs), as a member of the Gold Coast Regional Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Qld (6yrs), and Chair of Cooly Rocks On (4yrs). I am also a founding member of the Southern Gateway Advisory Committee, which delivers a strong voice to Council on projects and initiatives for the southern gateway precincts of Coolangatta, Rainbow Bay and Kirra.

 I have been actively campaigning for many years for major improvements in transport infrastructure (light & heavy rail extension to Southern Gold Coast), parking and public safety on the Southern Gold Coast with representation on Southern Gold Coast Light Rail Action Group and Coolangatta Police Consultative Committee. 

Striking a balance between protection of our local natural assets and progress of business and good development on the Southern Gold Coast is my primary goal. I am passionate about the Southern Gold Coast and believe it is one of the most unique destinations in the world. Its beaches and hinterland are precious assets which must be protected for the benefit of future generations.

As a resident and rate-payer, you deserve good leadership and a representative with experience and importantly, the tenacity, to ensure the Southern Gold Coast is not overlooked in Council’s future planning.

I’d like to share with you my vision.

Tugun to Bilinga Oceanway

I support prioritising responsible planning and funding for this project with due consideration being given to residents who live along that stretch of Oceanway.    

Mosque in Currumbin

I will support the Community against the proposed mosque in Currumbin on Planning grounds.  


I will fight to ensure rates are kept at ‘cost-of-living increase only for all Gold Coast residents

Kerbside Clean-ups

More regular kerbside clean-ups will be a priority for Division 14 residents

Here for YOU

I will hold monthly listening posts at locations throughout Division 14

Light Rail

I will continue to lobby for Light Rail to be extended to Coolangatta via Gold Coast Airport

Community Consultation

I will demand thorough community consultation be undertaken before the introduction of any major changes or developments that impact Division 14 and its residents.

Regular Maintenance of Public Amenities

I will ensure more regular maintenance of public amenities, roads & footpaths  

All Levels of Government

I will work conscientiously with State and Federal MPs and local community groups. 

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