What are your thoughts on the actions of the tech giant, Facebook, and the outcome of the Morrison Governments move to force tech giants to 'pay their fair share'.

Last week, when Facebook blocked Australians from viewing and sharing "news content" on its platform, we saw what role it plays in Australian society. Community groups, charities, sport clubs, arts centres, unions and emergency services all rely on the social media giant. Its platform plays the role of an important public messaging board.

But in a country with so little civil society infrastructure, our heavy reliance on a corporation to provide such a fundamental public service is deeply problematic.

Who is right? Who is wrong? and what's the price? Let us know your thoughts.

Lynette RogersLynette Roger's Ceramics 22 Feb 2021 5:45 PM

I am delighting in the new Facebook without the news" content. There was soooo much garbage put out as "news" by so called news outlets, especially 7News, that was just rubbish. They also kept trying to stir the pot, getting people to comment and argue. There is none of that now. I am getting more of the content I want coming back. I am happy not to have the news outlets back on Facebook. And I definitely do not want the PM to give in to Zuckerberg. He has become too all powerful. He censors those he wants to censor. I reported a comment which was disgusting....the guy told someone he should "suck the PM's c...k". Apparently that is not against Zuckerbergs "community standards". Well, his standards must be very bloody low.


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